Travel Tips

Below is a list of articles that offers tips or information for other Hopeful Travelers. Each item links the reader to information on this blog which includes, when available, links to the listed attraction's official website.

500-Mile Upgrades X 11 (from HNL to NYC via DFW)
The ABC's of Using ATM's Abroad
Acca Kappa Military Style Brush
Accommodations - A Different Thing to Different People
Airline Bumping Leave Passengers Behind
American Airlines Awards Chart
American Airlines 777 Flagship Suite
American Airlines Flagship Premium Amenity Kit
American Airlines Flight 8: Honolulu to Dallas/Ft. Worth
Archtek Toothpaste Tablets: Just Chew, Brush & Go
Are You Armed With Peanut Butter: Surprising Things That Trigger Airport Security
Arriving in NYC: From Airport to City Basics
Backwards to the future seats?
Bags Are Never Lost, They're Just Delayed
Basics of Airline Ticket Pricing
Blanket Pack (or Comfort Kit) on American Airlines
Border Patrol: Ten Basic Tips from U.S. Customs
Broadway Ticket Buyers, where does the money go?
Camera Charging on the Go and Abroad
Cancelled or Delayed Flights
Cash or Credit in London (Part 1)
Cash or Credit in London (Part 2)
Coffee Shops in the Sky
Convenience Stores in London
Crap Souvenirs
Currency Calculator
Dirty Secretes: Know This About Your Hotel Room
Do-It-Your-Self-Travel Continues: Self-Tagging
Don't Let the Bed Bugs Bite
Electricity Abroad:
     - Dual or Not Dual Voltage? What is Needed?
     - Dual Voltage Swings to Two Countries
     - Foreign Electricity Too Hot to Handle
Emirates A380 Post Series
Fast Track through Heathrow Immigration
Finding the Best Deals To & From Hawaii
Finding Your Travel Purposes
First Class to London Cost
Flagship Lounge LAX
Flagship Suite from Heathrow
Flagship Suite Service to London
Food for Purchase on American Airlines
Food on American Airlines Flagship First Class to London
For Your Safety: No Snow Globes
Foreign Coins
Free Your Mind - Quick Tips for Relaxing in Flight
Frequent Flier 101
Have Pen, Will Travel
Have You Met the SeatGuru?
Heathrow Express
HNL Pre-Departure at Agriculture Inspection
HNL to DFW Upgrade: Just the Food
Hope You Can't Hear Me Now
Journey Home Tips: LGA to DFW to HNL
Journey through the London Underground
Just Passing By: Wording in Tour Itineraries
Landing Card
London Theatre from Stalls to Balcony
London Theatre Programs & Broadway Playbills
London Travelcard
Luggage Handle Wrap
Luggage Scale
Marriott Leaves Renaissance Chancery Court
Marriott Rewards - Redeeming for Ten Nights
Money Shopping at the Foreign Exchange Part 1
Money Shopping at the Foreign Exchange Part 2
Most Expensive Cities to Visit: U.S. & the World
Museums (Touring Museums: Self-Improvement on the Fly)
New York City Hotels in Brief
Non-Stop Vs Direct
Packing Tip
Paris Syndrome
Passenger Protections from the Department of Transportation Eff 8/23/11
Passengers Behaving Badly: Jerks on a Plane
Plastic in the Air
Premium Baggage Protection
Priority Baggage Delivery on American Airlines
Savoir Fare London Stylish Dining For Under $25
Silly Flight Rules Explained by Pilots
Steal Hotel Towels No More
Stuck on the Tarmac Part 1
Stuck on the Tarmac Part 2
Stuck on the Tarmac Part 3
Sunset Magazine: Top 50 Hotels Under $150
Table For One: Tips for Solo Dining
Ten Nights in London: Cost at London Renaissance Chancery Court
Things You Should Know About Travel Books
Taxis in London
Tipping Guide
tkts (London)
Top 10: Top Visitor Attractions in the USA
Top 25 Most Photographed Cities & Their Landmarks
Top 25 Most Visited Attractions in Hawaii
Top 50 Most Visited Tourist Attractions
Touring Museums: Self-Improvment on the Fly
Travel Agents for Escorted Tours and Cruises
Travel Books
The Truth About Airline Fuel Surcharges
The Ultimate Wallet: Secured and Indestructible
Using a Credit Card Abroad
Using the London Underground
Visit These Cities Before They Sink
Wallet for British Bank Notes
When the Airline Customer is Wrong
Where Lost Luggage Goes to Die
World's Busiest Airports
World's Largest Hotels in 2007
World's Most Expensive City: Can You Spare A Yen?
World's Smallest Airplane Seat
Worst Airlines by Complaint
Wrinkle Free
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