Friday, November 26, 2010

Savoir Fare London Stylish Dining For Under $25

With London as one of the most expensive cities to visit, finding good and unique but affordable dining choices presents a quagmire for the average visitor. The problem is compounded with the numerous dining choices available. Most travel books will list recommended restaurants by cuisine and location. However the information can be spotty if recommendations are written by multiple reviewers and often it is doubtful if the authors actually dined at the book's listed restaurants.

No such doubt exists with Savoir Fare London Stylish Dining for Under $25 by Elaine Louie. This book is a valuable resource in finding dining choices in London. Louie is authentic in the descriptions of the types of food, atmosphere and value. Chapters list restaurants by locations and runs the gamut of different cuisines. Photos for many of the restaurant's interiors and food add further information.

Restaurants are among the most volatile of businesses with many coming and going with the ups and downs of the economy. Even though published in 2008, the restaurants I chose to visit from the book while in London were still serving the masses. It must be pointed out that the listed restaurants are primarily those that offer dining on premises even though many offer food to take away.

Click on these links for previous posts with reviews of the some of the book's recommended restaurants during my London visit: Bea's of BloomsburyKonditor & CookMaison Bertaux.

Louie's vivid and savory descriptions left me wanting to visit more restaurants than I had time for. I have to admit that some restaurants I visited, such as Laduree at Harrods, had to be bypassed due to the long wait. Pick up a copy of this book if you want to make your London dining experience tasty and reasonable. I will likely have this book in tow upon a return visit to sample some of the other recommended restaurants. Click here to purchase this book from
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