Travel by Film

Motion pictures have great influence in turning destinations and attractions around the world into popular visitor attractions. These films capture the images of places many people dream about. Though the reality of these places may be inferior to its highly romanticized portrayal, these films become mini travelogues when getting on a plane and taking the time off becomes a luxury. It's no surprise that Italy is a country most used for the settings of many films.

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'Hereafter' (2010): One of the most moving films of 2010 crosses the globe to feature San Francisco, London and Paris. The spectacular opening sequence set in Southeast Asia was partially filmed in Hawaii. See the related post about filming at the Charles Dickens Museum.

Much Ado About Nothing (1993): One of the most fun romps of a Shakespeare film adaptation. Actor/director Kenneth Branagh keeps the bright and fun and keeps the Tuscan villa and countryside on full display. See the related posts about the film and Villa Vignamaggio. (added 2/21/11)

'Summmertime' (1955): This film offers the visual splendor of Venice that is frozen in time. See the related post: Movies to Travel By: 'Summertime'.

'Notting Hill' (1989): London locales are used extensively in the romance of an actress and book shop owner. See related post article: Movies to Travel By - "Notting Hill".

'The Terminal' (2003): The terminal of the film's title is actually a piece of "unreal estate". Built exclusively for the film, the entire terminal looks realistic with the inclusion of real retailers and escalators. See related post articles: The Terminal Playground: A Transit Lounge to Nowhere and Fascinating Transit Lounge in The Terminal.

'(500) Days of Summer' (2009): This recent release of a modern romance in California, makes extensive use of Downtown Los Angeles as its backdrop. The locales have become visitor attractions for the film. See the related post article about filming at the Bradbury Building.

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