Sunday, September 12, 2010

Flagship Suite Service

Menu choices for dinner.
Here are photos from the dinner service. Obviously the iPhone was still being used to capture these images. I promise to take better pictures on the return flight.

One of the personal touches is your name, first or last, used during service. It helps to feel that even if you're not a regular first class passenger that you belong here. The gentleman who sat across me was obviously a regular traveler on these flights. He indicated that he planned to sleep during the flight and will skip all meal service.

Throughout the flight, my glass was never empty as the flight attendants made sure to refill or offer other drinks. A menu lists entree choices as well as the other courses, the wines & spirits and pre-arrival food service. For dinner I opted for the lamb with squash and risotto which was pretty good. Not fabulous like a restaurant but definitely a hearty entree. The ice cream sundae capped the meal and then it was definitely time to sleep.

Salmon and shrimp appetizer.
Salad greens with chicken, mushrooms and tomatoes.
Lamp shank, risotto and squash.


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