Sunday, April 29, 2007

Non-Stop Vs Direct

There is some confusion over the terms "non-stop flight" and "direct flight". These two terms are not the same although in both instances, the flight numbers remain the same and may make a difference in your flying expectations. For example if you are flying from Orlando to Los Angeles, a non-stop flight will fly from Orlando International straight to Los Angeles International without any intermediate stops.

A direct flight from Orlando may include a stop in Chicago before going on to Los Angeles. In the direct flight you usually will not be changing airplanes if you are using the same airline straight through. But with the advent of code-sharing it's possible to change planes and airlines but retain the same flight number. So the stop in Chicago will allow passengers who boarded in Orlando whose destination is actually Chicago to deplane. The flight will then allow passengers in Chicago to board for the flight to Los Angeles. Because the stop may be a couple of hours, you may be asked to leave the plane and take any valuables or all carry-on bags. However you will have the same seat (unless you are chaging aircraft) after the plane is cleaned and ready for the continuation of the flight. So always check your intinerary issued by the airline.


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