Saturday, August 13, 2011

Passengers Behaving Badly: Jerks on a Plane

Photo that accompanies "Argumentative Types" among Jerks on a Plane.
(photo editing: Connie Ricca) Travel has published a lighthearted look at poor passenger behavior when flying. The description of "Argumentative Types" has a distinctive Hawaiian feel about it.

If anyone has ever told you that you snore, consider seeing a sleep specialist. It will be less painful than removing one of those plastic forks from your arm.

Aisle Blockage
Before takeoff, please stow all piggies underneath the setback in front of you. Sock and a little foot powder would be a nice gesture.

Immovable Objects
Have you ever had a seat mate who is wide awake refuse to let you out? This kind of boorish behavior deserves a special place in the JOPOF (Jerks on a Plane Hall of Fame).

Argumentative Types
The Big Island is best! No, Maui is the best! If there's anything worse than listening to a stupid argument, it's not being able to walk away. Keep your Haleakala-sized opinions to yourself and don't contribute to cabin pressure.

Other types of boorish behavior covered: Sleepy Meets Grumpy, Space Hogs, Screamers, Cell Phone Rant, Public Displays of Affection, Leaning Meanies, Fashion Breach and Cat out of the Bag. Click HERE for the full "Jerks on a Plane" series.

Photo that accompanies "Leaning Meanies"


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