Thursday, October 14, 2010

National Theatre Live Around the World

If you cannot visit London, then London shall come to you. For the second year, live broadcasts of some of the best plays in London will be presented in a movie theater near you. Best part there's no airfare or hotel costs involved. The first four broadcasts this season are:

The season continues with Frankenstein (March 2011) and The Cherry Orchard (June 2011). Click here to find a cinema near you participating in the broadcasts. Broadcasts in each city may vary from the dates listed above. More info at  Special pricing applies. However with pricing at these production at £20-£30 (US$30-$45) live and in person, the US$20 admission to the broadcast is fairly reasonable. Below is the trailer announcing the season of live broadcasts.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Visit These Cities Before They Sink

U.S. News & World Report reveals "7 Cities About to Sink". Rising sea levels and unstable foundations threaten some of the world's most popular visitor destinations. The lost city of Atlantis will have some company. Here are the rankings:

1) Mexico City, Mexico
This city is sinking into the soft clay on which it sits at about eight inches per year.

2) Venice, Italy
Over the past 100 years, flooding has increased from roughly 10 to 60 days per year.

3) New Orleans, Louisiana, USA
Already most of it below sea level, this city is steadily sinking.

4) Shanghai, China
Over the past century this city has sunk over eight feet due to mass groundwater extraction and flimsy foundation.

5) Houston, Texas, USA
Extensive oil drilling and groundwater extraction has disturbed the city's foundation to push it towards the Gulf of Mexico.

6) New York City, New York, USA
This city will soon experience hurricanes and high tides along with the rising Atlantic.

7)  Bangkok, Thailand
Due to rising sea levels experts say this city could be uninhabitable in as little as seven years.

Visit for the latest breaking news.
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