Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Calling the 'Crap Souvenir' Police

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Most of us have either committed or been a victim of this crime. In a lapse of judgment we have bought a crappy souvenir from a vacation as a memento or bought one for an unsuspecting family member or friend. It's a well known side-effect from the joys of traveling: the need to bring something back home.

After wondering into one souvenir shop too many, travel writer Doug Lansky launched to allow others to document their own kitschy finds and funny comments. 

On the website, Lanksy state: "When it comes to kitsch commemorative crap, most of us take the sensible route and walk right by it. But clearly there are boat loads of tourists who buy it and keep these vendors in business. If you dare to take a closer look, and do so armed with a sense of humor, you'll occasionally stumble across a gem -- a souvenir so painfully tacky you find it hard to hold back a smile. This site is meant to serve as a collection point, or perhaps a refuge, for these tackiest of mementos."

The site offers 'crap souvenirs' by category and even location on a world map. This post reveals three of the latest items from readers who have visited Hawaii, San Francisco and Paris, France. Perhaps look around your home and see if you possess any items worth sharing on this site.

Doug Lansky is a travel writer based in Stockholm who has written books for Lonely Planet, Rough Guides and contributed to Equire, Men's Journal, National Geographic Adventure, Readers Digest and others.


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