Thursday, February 17, 2011

Food For Purchase on American Airlines

Most passengers have accepted that the free food or snacks on domestic U.S. flights are a thing of the past. They prepare by eating before departing or picking something up on the way to or at the airport. Sometimes because of time, limited airport restaurants and pure hunger, the food sold in-flight becomes the final option or starve until reaching a destination.

American Airlines offers a menu of their food-for-sale selections in the seat pocket and flight attendants usually announce the offerings as well. With the airline putting up the cost to print these menus, it's likely these may be standard options with prices that may hold for a while. That is another downside of in-flight food-for-purchase: the same old menu.
These are photos of the menu from a December 2010 domestic flight from Los Angeles to Hawaii. I've found when I had to purchase food, the cheese-and-cracker tray ($4.49) which includes crackers, cheese, raisins and nuts; and Lay's Stax potato crisps ($3.29) satisfied my hunger needs for a five or eight hour flight. Thank goodness soft drinks are still complimentary for now. Since the airline does not expect every passenger to purchase food, the stock for sale is limited. So if you're seated in the rear of the cabin, better hope that all passengers in front of you did not want to purchase food as well.

Remember that all American Airlines flights are cashless so keep that credit card handy if wanting to make any food or drink purchases. A receipt for the purchase is available.

Click here to so view the meal service options or visit


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