Monday, June 11, 2007

London Travelcard - Buying Your Underground Fare

The Travelcard is easy to purchase and saves money and time from obtaining tickets individually. The Travelcard will allow you access to the London Underground and Bus network.

London is divided into six zones radiating from the centre. Click on the above map to see how stations fall within each or outside each zone. The more zones you want to cover on your travelcard, the more you pay. The main sights and hotel districts fall within the central zones 1-2.

Purchase cards from underground stations. If you are a visitor unfamiliar with the system, it would be best to walk up to the counter rather than using the ticket machines. Request for the type of travel card (one day, three day or seven days) and the zones you will be traveling in.

THE COST (as of May 2007) -
Zones 1-2 (Central Zone)
1-day GBP6.60
3-days GBP16.40
7-days GBP23.20

Zones 1-6
1-day GBP13.20
3-days GBP39.60
7-days GBP43.00

These are adult fares. Children under 16 pay less; children under five travel free.

Be careful how you handle your travelcard and keep your card easily accessible but secured. The card is needed to enter and exit each station's automatic barriers. Barriers are either marked for entry or exit. You are allowed through by inserting your travelcard ticket into a slot in the barrier. The card is released out of a different slot and the barrier gates open for you. My travelcard, pictured below, was kept in a bus pass holder.


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