Monday, June 11, 2007

Using the Underground

Finding your way around the the London Underground is relatively easy. First of all you need an underground map to give you an overview of the layout. There are maps posted at all stations at the entrance and at the platforms. Maps and route of the train you are riding are also posted in the train itself. Most London guidebooks will have an undergroup map as well.

So suppose your closest tube station is at Tottenham Court Road and you would like to go to Harrod's. You find in your guide book that the closest tube station to Harrod's is Knightsbridge. Click on the map above for a larger view. You'll find Tottenham Court Road right in the center. Then find the Knightsbridge Station which is along the Piccadilly Line. The best route is to take the Northern Line to Leicester Square Station. The round circle at this station stop indicates this is an interchange or transfer station between lines. At this station exit the Northern Line train and follow the signs that direct you to the Piccadilly Line. Board the Piccadilly Line at the platform going west. There are signs at each platform indicating the suceeding stops for the train east or west. Take the Piccadilly Line to Knightsbridge Station. Know which station is prior to your stop. This will give you some warning that your stop is next. There is also an onboard announcement of the next stop.


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