Saturday, April 9, 2011

Worst Airlines by Complaint

(image credit: KWsideB)
U.S. News & World Report revealed which airlines rank on top of several complaint list. Without delay, these are the airlines that ranked number one in each category for 2010. Do you agree?

Meanest Major Carrier: United
The airline had the second-highest customer complaint rate of all airlines including regional carriers.

Meanest Regional Carrier: American Eagle
Several contributing factors resulted in the airline topping this list of all carriers (see below for two of them).

Most Complained About Airlines: Delta
The airline had the highest consumer complaint rate but only ranked fifth among the meanest major airlines.

(image credit: Airliners Gallery)
Most Documented Incidents: JetBlue
Commercial air travel is as safe as it gets today though this airline had the most safety related incidents.

Most Likely to Bump You: American Eagle.
Another contributing factor to the airline topping the meanest carrier list.

Most Likely to be Late: Comair
The airline had the worst on time performance with only 73.1 percent of flights arriving on time.

Most Likely to Mishandle Your Bags: American Eagle
For every 1,000 passengers, 7.15 bags were mishandled by airline.

(image credit: AV8NLVR)
And the one that likely bothers most travelers:

Most Likely to Overcharge for Bags: Delta / US Airways / Continental
The three airlines share similar fee structures with some variance.

Domestic Baggage Fees
  • 1st Bag: $25 ($23 if checked online with Delta or Continental)
  • 2nd Bag: $35 ($32 if checked online with Delta or Continental)
  • 3rd Bag: $125 for Delta & US Airways;  $100-$200 for Continental
Overweight/Oversized Bags
  • 51-70 lbs: $90 for Delta & US Airways; $200 for Continental
  • 71-100 lbs: $175 for Delta & US Airways; Continental will not accept luggage heavier than 70 lbs as checked baggage
  • Larger than 62 inches: $175 for Delta & US Airways; $100-$200 for Continental


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