Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Finding Your Travel...

Just thinking where to start. There are far too many subjects to cover on the subject of traveling. But here it goes. Perhaps the best way to begin is for each of you to think what is the purpose of your trip. Some of you will say, "Take a cruise" or "Go to Vegas". But actually the purpose is in the details:

- If you want to take a cruise, why? What makes the cruise attractive to you and what exactly do you want to do on the cruise.
- If you want to go to Vegas, why? Winning a million dollars is something nice to dream about but it isn't realistic. What exactly will you do in Vegas that will satisfy you even if you don't win the "million". If your purpose is to just gamble, that's OK too.

You could even go into more detail when finding your ultimate purpose for every part of a trip:

- If you want to go to Europe, where in Europe? You might say "Paris"
- If you want to visit Paris, what do you want to see? You might say "The Eiffel Tower"
- If you want to see the Eiffel Tower, what would make visiting this attraction satisfying to you? Maybe a photo of you with a view of the city behind you.

So ask yourself:

What do I really want to accomplish?
Do I have one or many reasons to take this trip?
What will make the trip satisfying for me?
Is this an investment I am willing to make?
Am I reasonable in my expectations?

If you honestly answer these questions, then you will definitely have the beginnings of a great game plan for a satisfying trip.


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