Sunday, June 10, 2007

A Tubular Journey Underground - From Entrance to Exit

The closest tube station to the Kenilworth Hotel is the Tottenham Court Road Station which originates back to 1900. The station is serviced by the Northern Line and the Central Line. Like most stations, residents and visitors passing through the station encounter long modern escalators and lengthy deep tunnels that take you to one of the four platforms (one east and one west for each of the two lines). Many of the tube stations in central London are decorated differently based on the character of the area. The Tottenham Court Road Station has mosaic murals by Eduardo Paolozzi and the design intended to reflect the station's position adjacent to Tottenham Court Road's large concentration of stereo and electronic shops.

There are multiple exits at most stations depending on which corner of the street you would like to exit. I mainly used the northwest exit which lead up to the Dominion Theatre (part of the marquee is in the pic at top) and a short walk to Great Russell Street where my hotel is located.The journey into the station takes you deep underground. It is apparent that after entering most stations, there is often a good walk to the train platform through tunnels and up or down stairs. Signs on the platform lets you know the wait for the next two trains. During most of the day the wait is less than five minutes for the next train.

On the tube, you'll learn some new lingo. "Mind the Gap" is a warning to be aware of the gap between the platform and the train. "Way Out" leads you to the nearest exit out of the station. If you are connecting to anothet train, follow the signs that direct you to that line. When riding the escalators, always stand on the right. If you are in a rush, you may walk on the left.


pencilpantz said...

Nice!! Looks like a cleaner version of NY's "tube". ;P

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