Monday, April 30, 2007

Quick Tipping Guide

Here's a cheat sheet for the traveler on tipping. First rule of thumb: Never leave home without a pocket full of dollars. Then the following amounts should do for tipping:

- Hotel doorman $1-$2 to hail taxi or help with bags
- Hotel bellman $1-$2 per bag
- Hotel concierge $5 for making a prime dinner reservation; $10-$20 for more complex requests
- Hotel maid $2-$5 each night
- Parking valet $1-$2 when retreiving car; nothing when arriving
- Cruise ship steward or waiter $3-$5 per person, per day (varies, follow guidelines provided by the specific ship)
- Restaurant waiter 15%-20%
- Taxi driver 15%-20%, rounded to the nearest dollar
- Bartender $1 per drink or $2 for high-end establishments
- Coach tour guide and driver $2-$5 per day for each
- Skycap $2 per bag
- Airport Shuttle Driver $1-$3 per bag and/or 15% (if no bags)

More info highlighting some of these specific tips will be posted in the future.


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