Thursday, April 26, 2007

Packing Tip

Three rules of thumb when packing:

- Half the Clothes
- Twice the Money
- Comfortable Shoes

In addition here are two additional rules:

- Comfortable Shoes
- Comfortable Shoes

Always think ahead of time about the clothes you'd like to bring by at least three or four days to a week. Then over the course of the next few days remove any items that you may not wear at all.

Regarding twice the money, think of it in all forms: Cash, Credit Cards or even travelers checks and when you'd likely to use each type of payment.

It cannot be stressed enough how important comfortable shoes are. Remember you should always be on the go if you're on a worthwhile trip and to have to buy a new pair of shoes cause your feet are killing you is just regrettable (and another thing to pack for the trip home).


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