Sunday, February 27, 2011

The Ultimate Wallet: Secured and Indestructible

How's this for ad copy from the dunhill website for this wallet that will stay secured at home and abroad:

Virtually indestructible, the dunhill Biometric Wallet will open only with the touch of your fingerprint. It can be linked via Bluetooth to the owner's mobile phone sounding an alarm if the two are separated by more than 5 meters (15 feet). This provides a brilliant warning if either the phone or wallet is stolen or misplaced. 

The exterior of the wallet is constructed from highly durable carbon fiber that will resist all but the most concerted effort to open it, while the interior features a luxurious leather credit card holder and a strong stainless steel money clip.

This wallet will set you back $825. The impracticality is the shell may limit the number cards and cash. But on the other hand, it prevents the owner from overstuffing the wallet. The clamshell may feel unusual in a back pocket but then again no one will deny the "cool" factor once you pull out the wallet at a store or restaurant.

(images credit: dunhill)


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