Monday, March 28, 2011

Where Lost Luggage Goes To Die

(image credit: Tony Kelley)
The title of this post is not entirely true. The contents of lost bags may find a new life with a new owner. In Scottboro, Alabama is Unclaimed Baggage, a 40,000 square foot store that Fox News reports to be a bargain hunter's paradise.

A representative from Unclaimed Baggage says airlines by law must spend up to 90 days to return bags with the owners and over 99.9% of the time they are successful. It's the small percentage that is completely lost or unclaimed. The store pays for the bags in bulk sight unseen. With exclusive contracts with each airline, its likely that a lost coat, camera or even scuba gear will end up here.

Like a department store, the floor plan of Unclaimed Baggage has different sections for men's and women's clothing, jewelry, toys, electronics and fine jewelry. Other departments include books/music, artwork, fragrances, rugs, sporting goods, eyewear and (I have to admit this department is logically funny) luggage.

The store reports that buyers come from all 50 states and over one million customers from around the world  each year. It's ironic that Unclaimed Baggage has become a sort of tourist attraction bringing visitors to this rural section of the South. I wonder how many out-of-state shoppers at Unclaimed Baggage lose their bags on the way home.

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(top and bottom image credit: Fox News)


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