Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Have You Met the SeatGuru?

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There are some who have not yet discovered the detailed seatmap information provided at This website is always recommended when searching for an airfare and unsure of the best seat selection for your comfort. Website visitors can search by airline and then aircraft or from the home page select the airline and enter the flight number. Such preparation can help set up some expectations for a flight.

Some seatmaps on airline websites can be often vague about such things as lavatory location or bulkheads. But SeatGuru offers not only this information but seat measurements, galleys, overhead TVs and exits. Though each passenger may have their own preference, SeatGuru offers its own recommendations classified as good seat, some drawbacks, poor seat, standard seat, blocked seat.

For fun compare some of the different aircrafts flown by the airline or compare aircrafts between airlines. The website is not perfect. For example on the American Airlines 767 used for Hawaii flights to/from Dallas-Ft. Worth, SeatGuru defines seat 11A as a good seat. On the contrary. Though this seat is sold as a preferential seat for a fee by the airline, the seat has very limited legroom and any recline by the passenger seated in 10A will encroach on the personal space of the passenger seated in 11A more severely than in other rows in the cabin.

Below is an example of the seatmap for the American Airlines 777 used for international flights. Above left is the seatmap key.


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