Monday, July 4, 2011

For Your Safety: No Snow Globes

One of the more unusual signs I passed encountered while waiting at LaGuardia airport security were the ones stating that snow globes are not allowed through the security check point. Obviously its because they contain liquid but I guess that point may not be clear enough that airport officials felt it necessary to make a sign for this one object.

Actually it may not be weird, the signs through security out of Honolulu International Airport clearly state that fireworks are not allowed. For anyone who has visited Hawaii during New Year's Eve of season's past will know the reason why. It may be less problematic since home fireworks are now banned on the island of Oahu from 2012.

Maybe a sign should be made noting that peanut butter is not allowed through security either. As I left security I could not help to notice a couple being pulled aside for the peanut butter they packed in their carry-on bag. In the future it wouldn't be a surprise to find food manufacturers labeling their food regarding if it will be allowed through airport security.


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