Friday, December 10, 2010

KC Cafe: Dinner On Top of the Kennedy Center

This first freezing night in Washington, DC had to be convenient. So rather than heading from the hotel then to a restaurant for dinner then to the theater, I would combine the latter two. The Kennedy Center offers two dining options. The elegant Roof Terrace Restaurant or the casual KC Cafe.

I've come to learn that the restaurants within an entertainment venue tends to become very crowded as show time approaches so I headed to the center before 6:00pm. The KC Cafe was not busy at all but as the hour progressed towards 7:00pm, most tables were occupied.

The Cafe's service is cafeteria style. Different counters offer various dishes. Request for a dish, pick up any drinks and pay at the register. Find a table and enjoy. All entree dishes are served on actual plates with silverware and not the fast food containers and plastic utensils one would expect. There should be everything to fits anyone's palate from salads to pasta to meat and fish.

My entree choice this evening was a penne pasta dish with a side caesar salad ($14.95) which I have no complaints about and a bottle of San Pellegrino ($2.99). The mini pecan pie ($5.95) with whipped cream and Starbucks coffee ($2.50) ended the meal on a satisfied note. If I'm ever at the center for another performance, I'll make it a point to dine here again for both the food and convenience.

By the way since the restaurant wasn't crowded at all I took my time to enjoy my entree. After finishing that I went back to the counters to pick a dessert and cafe. When I returned to the same table the staff had already cleared my used entree dishes.

More info at Hours: Daily 11:30am-8pm. Click here for a virtual tour of the cafe. Online menu is unavailable. A online menu is available for the Roof Terrace Restaurant.


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