Sunday, August 5, 2007

Balanzza & Belle Hop - Travel Accesories Review

If you are always second guessing the weight of your checked bags, this digital luggage scale will wipe out any worries. This compact scale weighs luggage up to 100 lbs or 44kg and is easy to use. First turn the scale on, select either pounds or kilograms and reset. Then wrap the strap to the handle of your luggage, lift, wait for the beep, set the luggage back down and read the weight. This scale will save any embarrassment at the airport. The only drawback is any of the buttons can get stuck under the button hole frame but a gentle wiggle of the stuck button sets it loose for the scale to work properly. If the weight of the bag is very close to the weight limit allowed, it's strongly suggested that the bag is weighed more than once to be sure of an accurate reading. This product is definitely practical especially if you plan to do a lot of shopping on a trip or just plain tend to overpack coming and going. Highly recommended. Price: $24.85, requires two AAA batteries (not included).
HANDLE WRAP by Belle Hop
These wraps are meant to serve two purposes. First the fluorescent colors of green, orange and blue helps to identify your luggage. The second is it reduces the pressure on your hands when lifting heavy luggage. The wrap is secured to your luggage with Velcro and comes two in a box. It actually succeeds on these two points. The only drawback is it does not wrap as securely around the luggage handle since the Velcro is only a 3/4" strip on the inner edge of the wrap. This causes the wrap to slide on the luggage handle. So be sure the airline attaches the luggage router tag to a handle that is not secured with the handle wrap. I have to admit they feel comortable when lifting a bag and I immediately identified my black bag coming down the conveyor belt onto the luggage carousel. However most flyers probably feel that a cushiony handle is the least of their worries and more likely use other methods to identify their bags. Price: $9.85

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Alfred said...

Luggage shoud come with scale. I'm gonna get one.

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