Thursday, September 30, 2010

Camera Charging On the Go and Abroad

Most digital cameras available today are powered via a rechargeable battery. This portable Kodak charger is convenient when planning to rough it without electricity or feeling afraid to charge an expensive camera in a foreign outlet even with a power adapter.

The charger is good for two full charges of a USB compatible camera but the unit itself must be charged before traveling. Click here to pick it up at Kodak or here from Amazon. 

My experience while traveling abroad for ten days is the charger did its job of two full charges. But after almost six days, the charger could no longer juice my camera. Luckily I had a spare fully-charged camera battery and my camera could be charged using my iPad charger. But if you use video or constantly turn on and off your camera and take a vast amount of photos, you are likely to run the battery much quicker than you'd like therefore requiring a charge soon afterwards. The only other drawback is the charging of the unit itself took overnight.

One added benefit is the base unit is able to charge other USB devices such as iPods and phones in addition to cameras (see photos below).

My camera is from Kodak's EasyShare 'M' series (model #M109315). Kodak constantly updates their product line and this camera is no longer available even though I purchased it about a year ago. Updated versions are available at


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