Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Dual Voltage Swings to Two Countries

Dual voltage appliances accept both 110v and 220v power. All you need is a plug adapter to make the plug fit into the wall; a voltage converter is not required at all. Some applances like travel hair dryers and travel irons are dual voltage. They usually have a switch to one setting for 110 volts and another for 220 volts.

The following appliaces are normally dual voltage and should automatically adjust to 110v or 220v power:
- Laptop Computer Battery Chargers
- Camera Batter Chargers
- iPod Chargers

How can you tell if an appliance is dual voltage? Be sure to check the indications panel on any appliance you would like to use overseas. This panel shows information like the model number, wattage and where the appliance was made. It will also tell you the voltage of the appliance.
- Dual Voltage appliances will say 110/220vac, or 120-240vac, or something similar. This means both 110 and 220vac (volts alternating current) are accepted.
- Single voltage appliances will just say 110vac or 120vac.

Please note that for laptops, cameras and other types of battery chargers, the indications panel is found on the charger itselt. It took a magnifying glass to see the panel on the Hopeful Traveler's charger.


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