Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Renaissance Chancery Court Hotel: The View

A room with view. It's something simple and sometimes you don't get it especially in London. A couple of times I've been assigned a room at the back of the hotel and my view was the back of the building next door. Needless to say it was reason to keep the drapes closed.

This time my room at the Renaissance Chancery Court Hotel was situated at the front of the hotel with a street view of High Holborn. Every morning I observed the busy office workers in the modern office building with the curved wall of glass across the street. Often I noticed many offices empty until 10am when I usually left the hotel but then many of the workers stayed past 6pm when I returned to the hotel to change for the evening.

It appears this hotel caters towards a business crowd and other well dressed clientele. It was rare I encountered hotel guests dressed for sightseeing. But depending on my itinerary, I wore a dark grey mackintosh jacket or suit coat when I left the hotel so I never felt awkward passing through the common areas.

It was rather ironic that a modern office building complete with a Starbucks on the ground floor sat across the street of this neo-classical hotel building.

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