Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Yoshino - A Good, Fresh & Cheap Eat for London

A quick nap can be a dangerous thing. After another full day of exploring London I took a longer nap than necessary and Yoshino saved the evening by providing a fast and yummy dinner before attending the theatre. This location of Yoshino is located right in the heart of London's Theatreland along Shaftesbury Avenue and between Soho and Chinatown. A couple of blocks east is the Palace theatre and to the west are several theatres including the Queen's Theatre.

Ordering at Yoshino is easy. All the sushi is fully prepared, plastic wrapped and viewed through the large glass display cases. You can read the type of sushi and other specifics such as if the sushi includes any mayonnaise. Labels also indicate if the fish is spicy or organic.

I purchased a vegetarian avocado maki (rolled) sushi with wasabi and some mix nigiri (raw fish) sushi with a can of soda. A cost of less than five pounds and a pair of chopsticks and I was munching on my way to see 'Les Miserables'. Good and fresh, I was satisfied for the next couple of hours until the end of the play.

The friendly staff is eager to help you with your choices. Just be quick and know what to ask or choose. This is the delicatessen location of Yoshino since it offers no seating in or outside. A traditional restaurant is located along Piccadilly Place west of Piccadilly Circus.

The delicatessen shop is located at 59 Shaftesbury Ave (tube: Piccadilly) and is open Mon-Sat 11am-8pm and Sun 12pm-7pm. More info at yoshino.net.


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