Thursday, February 3, 2011

The Shower Spa at 43,000 Feet in the Air

(all images: Reuters except where noted)
It was going to happen one day. Emirates has installed showers on their A380 luxury aircrafts. Alas the two showers are for the 14 passengers seated in their first class which is located on the plane's upper deck. The airline provides shower kits and passengers must contact the flight's purser to make an appointment. The catch: given the enormous weight of water, fliers are limited to a five-minute shower. A color coded warning system alerts the passenger that the water is about to run out.

The Emirates A380 flies nonstop from Dubai to New York. Visit for more information about their on-board shower spa. Read a review published in the Western Australia's online news site, Below are more pics of their first class cabin and the double-decker A380 aircraft. The last photo is the Emirates business class seat for comparison.


(photo above & below:

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