Tuesday, September 21, 2010

An Underground Station not Underground

A Japan Centre employee offered me a flyer when I visited the shop last week about their new Acton store. The flyer advertised "Everything Japanese Under One Roof!" with a deli & bakery. Since I had a couple of hours to kill I decided to take the journey to the North Acton tube station.

Interesting about this station is it shows the underground tube trains eventually leave their tunnels. Unfortunately the visit to the Japan Centre at Acton was more of a disappointment. Expecting a huge store like Mistukoshi or even a mini-Costco, the store was much smaller than expected filling part of a warehouse space. At least now I'm a club member and at a cost of one British pound, the membership fee is a deal. I did manage to pick-up some Japanese snacks for the journey back to my hotel. Though it's highly unlikely I will want to visit this shop again. I will still patronize their location in central London when I return.

The North Acton station first opened in 1904 and is serviced by the Central Line. By the way notice the blue car in the center in the photo below. One third smaller than a normal sedan, parking would be easy to find in a busy metropolis.


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