Wednesday, May 9, 2007

The Food Halls at Harrods - Rooms for the Senses to Savour

The next few posts will be devoted to one of the Hopeful Traveler's favorite spots to visit in London: The Food Halls at Harrods Department Store. Harrods covers 4.5 acres with over one million square feet of selling space. The store has 40 elevators (or rather, "lifts") and over 12,000 lightbults on the famous terracotta facade, 300 of which are changed a day by the store's electrical engineers. Some say the store is pure "magic" making a visit to this store an experience to remember.

As a teaser, here are shots of the store's facade in evening. Stay tuned as the Hopeful Traveler reveals some delicious photos of the Food Halls next.


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