Thursday, May 10, 2007

The Food Halls at Harrods - Sweet Thoughts

The Food Halls are located on the ground floor of the store. Most visitors arrive via the London tube at the Knightsbridge station. The organization of the store may seem maze-like but floorplan maps are available. Upon entering the doors closest to the Knightsbridge station, just keep walking forwards through a couple of halls filled with beauty/apothecary products and you'll find yourself in the Egyption Room. Unique and ornate products matching the room's theme is available here but make a left and you'll find one of the many entrances to the food halls. The entrances are unassuming but wait till you are inside the first of these ballroom-sized halls.

The first food hall you'll encounter is filled with fine chocolates & confectionery, exquisite celebration cakes and tins of teas and coffee from around the world. The Hopeful Traveler has a real sweet tooth and this place is pure heaven. The one thing that T.H.T. won't purchase here or anywhere else abroad: what else, chocolate covered macadamia nuts. Here is a sample of sweet images. By the way, the fruit and veggies pictured right below are all made out of marzipan (an almond & sugar confection).

One tip of advice when shopping at Harrods: if you're planning to charge your purchase the cashier may offer to charge your card in American dollars rather than in British Pounds. If the clerk cannot offer you the exchange rate at that time, you are probably safer charging in British Pounds and letting your credit card company apply their normal processing fee which is included in the percentage of the exchange rate.


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