Saturday, February 25, 2012

Buy Hawaii Macadmia Nuts and More in Bulk at Costco

Macadamia Nut Almond Roca (left) stacked beside a display of
Mauna Loa Macadamia Tetra Pack Assortment (36 count, favor size, $15.99)
More selections of macadamia nut selections at Costco.
Island Princes Mele Macs (36 oz, $15.69)
If you're a visitor to Hawaii or a resident meeting friends or family overseas or on the mainland, you can't go wrong by picking up macadamia nuts and chocolates from any island Longs Drugs or Walmart. Each store has an aisle or section devoted to these goods including Kona coffee and other local specialties and souvenirs. Important note: A membership is required at Costco; payment for purchases is via cash or American Express credit and charge cards.

But if you need to purchase these products in bulk because you have a long gift list, then head over to one of Hawaii's seven Costco locations. They are still packaged conveniently for carry-on or to place in checked bags. During the holidays and usually sold from October to December these items are specially packaged for gift giving and in past years have included locally produced shoyu (soy sauce), oils and cookies.

I was at the Costco located in Kona on the Big Island while visiting for business and here are some pictures of the products this store offers and some of the prices. Some Costco stores will carry specialities only manufactured on that island such as Kauai Coffee at the Lihue Costco and during the holidays, the Kona location carried Kona Gold Rum Co's Macadamia Nut Rum Cakes. It should be repeated again that these items are bulk or large size. So it may be to your benefit to shop at other Hawaii retailers if you would like to buy these products in smaller sizes. Look for bulk packaging of Kona coffee in the Costco coffee aisle.

These are the Costco locations in Hawaii (click on the location name for more info, maps and hours):
Iwilei (Oahu), Kahului (Maui), Lihue (Kauai) and Kona (Big Island) are conveniently located near their island's airports. The Kapolei (Oahu) Costco is located near the resort town of Ko Olina. Other Costco locations on the island of Oahu are in Hawaii Kai and Waipio.

Hershey's Kisses with Macadamia Nuts available only in Hawaii.
Mauna Loa Coconut Macadamias ($12.99)
Mac Farms of Hawaii Kona Coffee Mac Nuts (28 oz, $11.59)
Mauna Loa Macadamia Dry Roasted & Salted (six 4.5 oz cans, 18.99) 
Mauna Loa Macadamias Island Classic Assortment 
Two-pack Hawaiian Sun Guava Jelly. If you purchase these, place them
in checked bags only. Do not carry-on or risk of them being confiscated by
airport security.


Midlife Kauai Sis said...

Just wanted to say thanks because I was wondering about those small packs of mac nuts at Costco so found you during a "Costco macadamia nuts" search. I was wondering if Costco was cheaper than Long's (sale price of 2/99). Of course your info is from last year so I don't really have an answer, but at least I now know there are 36 in a container.

Oh, by the way, I plan to buy those packets of choc/macs along with the salted mac nuts and give as "aloha gifts" in Paris.

I'm glad I found your blog...I shall read on!

BTW, I also have a blog:

Unknown said...

Tremendously helpful!

Miguel Miller said...

I love the quality Costco has, every item I have ever purchased has been excellent quality. I once got an automated call in a recall and they gave my money back on this perishable item.

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