Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Grand Princess Loses Skywalkers Nightclub

Before and after photos

Although not a cruise traveler myself, it's always intriguing to learn about some of these mega floating resorts and in this rare a instance transformation. Princess Cruises dry-docked the Grand Princess for improvements and among them was the removal of the 160-ton Skywalkers Nightclub featured in the above video.

Shortly after the ship debuted in 1998, the nightclub located 18 decks high became the ships late-night hot spot. Just visiting the nightclub was meant to be memorable experience for passengers. Elevators took passengers to the ship's top deck which lead to a moving walkway that took them through a long, clear tube to the club. Floor-to-ceiling glass windows made for a dizzying view for club crowd.

To improve the ship's fuel efficiency, Princess Cruises removed the nightclub. News reports indicate the transformation of the ship is the biggest in the history of the cruise line. Other changes include the addition of a piazza-style atrium, steak house, pizzeria, martini bar and seven suites. To replace Skywalkers is the One5 Lounge located on Deck 15. Princess reports one unique feature of the ship is a combination library/tea lounge with a selection of 500 tea blends.

See all the video episodes of the Grand Princess at drydock on the Princess Cruises page. Visit to learn more about the ship.

Photos of the Skywalkers Nightclub.
(images credit: snaebyllej2/flickr)


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