Monday, July 4, 2011

Priority Baggage Delivery on American Airlines

One of the perks I've to come to enjoy from being an elite member on American Airlines is their Priority Baggage Delivery service. The kinks that kept the service from being consistent has appeared to be ironed out. On my most recent flights on American, most of the bags that were unloaded first were those marked priority. I love this service since one of the worries about flying is if checked bags made the flight you. The longer a passenger waits, the more there is a wonder if the bag is lost or will be delayed. Going on vacation this one thought every passenger can do without.

This perk is in addition to the waived checked baggage charges for American's top customers. Upon check-in, luggage will be tagged and branded with "priority" bag tags and should be the first ones delivered to the baggage claim area. The customers eligible for Priority Baggage Delivery are:
- First Class and Business Class passengers
- Aadvantage Executive Platinum members
- Aadvantage Platinum members
- AAirpass travelers
- oneworld Emerald and Sapphire members

Those who hold gold status in American's elite status Aadvantage progam will be disappointed that they do no quality for Priority Baggage Delivery.


Luggage Delivery said...

I agree with your blog.Nice baggage delivery on American Airlines..Thanks for the information.

Anonymous said...

NOT such a priority for us. They lost one going to Jamaica and Both coming home. Took 27 hours to get it to us in Jamaica and Still waiting 2 days later for their "Priority Service" to get them to us at home.

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