Saturday, July 2, 2011

Stage Door at 'The Book of Mormon'

'The Book of Mormon' marquee
Andrew Rannells plays Elder Price in 'The Book of Mormon'
Josh Gad plays Elder Cunningham in 'The Book of Mormon'
(all photos: TheHopefulTraveler)
More than thirty minutes since the performance ended at 10:30pm and after picking up a late-night cup of coffee nearby a patient crowd still remained outside of the stage door at the Eugene O'Neill Theatre waiting for the stars of 'The Book of Mormon'. Since I had no other plans other than to call it a night and return to my hotel, I decided to finish my coffee here and watch the actors who were still backstage exit the theatre and meet fans. I managed to snap a few candid shots between sips of coffee that are included in this post.

Andrew Rannells
Because of the throngs of audience members that normally seek an autograph or photo-op with the performers of a show on Broadway, I for the most part just avoid doing the same. With so many people waiting, there is always the opportunity that you may not get that signature or photo and in addition the wait can be long as the performers decompress after a strenuous show or meet personal guests backstage. For the faithful and persistent the reward is a unique momento from their visit to a Broadway show.

If you choose to seek out the performers after a show just remember to bring your own pen and be patient. Naturally you would want to jockey for a prime position near the stage door or along the barricade often set up by security to allow safe exit for everyone exiting the theatre. The actors are usually gracious and happy to meet fans after a show but keep in mind depending on the number of people waiting outside expect that you may get both an autograph and photo, just one or neither. Be prepared that some performers may leave the theater at an alternate exit to avoid the crowd. Always be gracious to the performers and considerate of others also waiting alongside you.

The crowd descend upon Nikki M. James (obscured) who plays Nabulungi
in 'The Book of Mormon'

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