Sunday, December 5, 2010

Last Night Shot and a Goodbye to Los Angeles

Usually my vists to the U.S. mainland comes to an end in the evening since most flights to Honolulu leave early in the morning. But from Los Angeles, American Airlines does have afternoon flights, one of which will allow me to enjoy part of the next day in the city.

But as is tradition this is the shot on the last full day of this weekend trip. This time it is of the Renaissance Hollywood Hotel at night. Also obvious is the giant "24" projected on the Hollywood & Highland Center's bridge tower to advertise the DVD viewing contest taking place below.

I left the lights turned on at the hotel and you can clearly see my room's window below the 'L' of the hotel sign on the top floor. By the way the neon sign at bottom is for the defunct restaurant called uWink which was supposed to be a high-tech interactive experience whatever that is.


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