Sunday, June 26, 2011

Honolulu International Airport Today & Tomorrow

Rendering of the fully renovated airport including new and reconfigured terminals.
Above & Below: Renderings of the New Mauka Concourse interiors.

Rendering of New Mauka Concourse exterior (viewed from Aolele St)
The last time I wrote about Honolulu International Airport was in these series of posts in 2007:
HNL Part 1: Crossroad of the Pacific
HNL Part 2: Paradise Found
HNL Part 3: Volcano Fountain Pre-Mirage

Those posts largely extolled the uniqueness of Hawaii's largest airport. Back then the announcement of improvements was just that, an announcement. Very slowly but surely, the $2.3 billion Hawaii Airports Modernization Program is under way. One of the most obvious results of the program is the completion of an 1,800-stall parking structure which now bridges the then separate inter-island and overseas parking structures. This increased parking from 4,500 to 6,300.

The most drastic change to come next will be the new Mauka Concourse to be connected to the north end of the inter-island terminal. The photos above are renderings of the fully renovated Honolulu International Airport and the interior/exterior of the Mauka Concourse.

Hopefully the new interior design in those renderings will be carried over into all terminals including the one I am in today which is used by American Airlines and Delta. Until then below are photos of the terminal as I passed through it today on the way to my gate. I'm guessing by the ambitious improvements these views of the airport are likely to look the same five years from now. Click HERE for a map of the departures (second) level.

Visit for more info about improvements at each of Hawaii's airports.

Above & Below: The check-in area for American Airlines. 

Above three photos: views of the airport gardens open to all
in-transit passengers.
Shopping concourse leading to the food court.
Above & below: shops at the overseas terminal (Gates 14-23)

Above & below: planes parked at the overseas terminal (Gates 14-23)


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