Thursday, May 17, 2012

Eastside Tower Elevator Lobby at The Cosmopolitan

Guest floor elevators in the Eastside Tower. One set accesses floors 1-38.
A second set accesses floor 1-16 and 39-70.
One of two entrances from the casino to the Eastside Tower.
(above photos: TheHopefulTraveler)
The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas is comprised of two towers. The West End Tower is accessed from elevator banks off of the reception lobby. For guests like myself with a room in the Eastside Tower a journey through the hotel's winding casino walkway is required.

I didn't mind as I only had a messenger bag and roll aboard carry-on at check-in and the reception desk gave a map outlining the direction to the Eastside Tower. Also the Eastside Tower is closest to the Strip and has direct access to most of the restaurants. After leaving reception, stay left on the main walkway and you'll soon see one of two entrances to the tower's elevator lobby. Also within this lobby is a second set of elevators with direct access to the underground parking garage. Floors are designated to only certain elevators so be sure you enter the right one.

That quirky design aesthetic of The Cosmopolitan is evident by the pink chandeliers but the elevator lobby is also furnished by artwork, a couple of comfy chairs and benches and cadenzas each topped with accent pieces. Just inside each of the two entrances from the casino are guest services desks (not fully-staffed 24 hours) to assist with guest services.
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The pink chandeliers is the dominant design element in the
Eastside Tower elevator lobby.
Also located in the Eastside Tower lobby is a set of elevators
leading to the underground parking garage.
(above photos: TheHopefulTraveler)
Once in the elevators the vertical feel of the hotel is carried through with monitors displaying an ever changing array of video artwork rather back-to-back commercials. It's a high-ceiling space with reflective services and animal-skin like panels. Because separate elevators are designated to certain floors, I can't determine which floors are missing. It appears there are 70 floors just by going by the signs above each set of elevator doors. But the hotel is only 50 stories tall. All I know is floors with the number "4" are removed because of its association to misfortune in Asian culture. I'm also guessing that the first floor of guest rooms begin on a floor number much higher than expected.

Keep your room key card handy in the elevator to access guest room floors. A more refined lobby greets me on the 17th floor with no quirky design elements. The elevators also directly accesses the Boulevard Pool deck and each of the retail and restaurant levels.

The 17th floor elevator lobby.
Key card needed to access guest floors.
The monitors in the elevators display an always changing array
of video artwork.
Another snapshot of the elevator video artwork.
(above photos: TheHopefulTraveler)


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