Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Return to Chinatown and Gerrard Street

Entrance to Gerrard Street facing East.
Back in Chinatown again to pick up a drink from Oriental Delight and then a walk around the corner for a rest at Leicester Square. This was a nice opportunity to view Gerrard Street, the heart of Chinatown in daylight. Apparent now are the ornate gateways that stand at each end of the street, the hundreds of colored lanterns and the length of Gerrard Street lined with restaurants on either side.

Here's a suggestion on dining in Chinatown. If you are unsure where to eat in the area with what seems like a hundred restaurants, the rule of thumb is simple. For lunch, dinner or even dim sun just look where the Chinese are eating and that is where you go.

For my previous post about Chinatown, click here. For more about the area, visit chinatownlondon.org. 


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