Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Tristan Gemmill in The Bodyguard Musical's Non-Singing Leading Man Musical Role (West End, London)

(photo credit: Paul Coltas)
Tristan Gemmill took over the role of Frank Farmer in 'The Bodyguard' musical which at the time was playing London's Adelphi Theatre. Gemmill is incidentally the actor I saw in the role when I finally saw the musical in April 2014.

Gemmill definitely looked and played the part quite well on stage. When I saw the show I knew very little of what the stage production was like. So when Gemmill appears on stage I was wondering which Whitney Houston song he'll be singing as the song titles were plastered all over the theater in advertising. At intermission I finally looked at the song credits and find that Farmer's character has no songs to sing.

(photo credit: Dana Patrick)
Gemmill was born in 1967 in England and is well known to British television audiences. Looking at his page, the actor has many television and movie credits but none would appear to be titles known to American audiences.

His latest television role is a 2016 run on the long-running UK soap series "Coronation Street." Gemmill's run in 'The Bodyguard' was from September 2013 to August 2014.

Click the link below to read an interview with the actor:
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Below are a couple of videos of the actor promoting the musical.

 Tristan Gemmill (photo credit:


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