Saturday, July 30, 2011

Big Island Candies: Cookies & Chocolate in Hilo, Hawaii

(photos credit: TheHopefulTraveler)
A familiar sight on flights departing our of Hilo, Hawaii is passengers carrying packages of treats from Big Island Candies. Since 1977, the company has become known for meeting and maintaing their sole purpose of creating the finest hand-dipped chocolate covered macadamia nut cookies in the world. I was in Hilo again this past week for business and I was among those travelers carrying delicious goodies from Big Island Candies.

Their popular shortbreads are made with locally farmed eggs, Hawaiian cane sugar, no preservatives, high-grade chocolate, locally-grown macadamia nuts and real butter. Their other premium confections are made with equal quality. Visitors to their shop and factory in Hilo, Hawaii can watch through large picture windows the hand-dipping of cookies and macadamia nuts. It's probably not by accident the sweet aroma of baked goods fill the air. Samples are offered to guests as soon as they enter and other samples await among the shelves in the beautifully decorated store.

To prove that chocolate can go with almost anything, their line of Hawaiian Da Kines treats are local favories dipped in chocolate: ika (dried squid), li hing mui (dried sweet-salty plum seeds), mochi balls (ball-shaped Japanese rice crackers), sakura arare (rice crackers in the shape of cherry blossoms) and puffed rice.

But its their shortbread cookies famously diagnolly hand-dipped or plain that are the best. Shortbread cookies come in original, chocolate, chocolate chip, lemon, kona mocha and even sugar-free flavors. Newer versions include coconut, green tea and sesame. Extra indulgence awaits in the caramel and chocolate dipped shortbreads.

Besides the cookies their delicate brownies are becoming favorites. Among their other fine products are macadamia nut biscotti (drizzed in white or chocolate waves) and Kona coffee. Adding to the irresistibility are the exquisite and refined packaging complete with luxurious ribbons are their every changing line of gift boxes filled with various selections of their cookies and candies beautifully displayed in the store and photographed in their catalog.

The company has resisted to expand their retail presence or wholesaling beyond their one shop on the Big Island of Hawaii. However their product are shipped in huge volumes via their mail order and online presence. Even locals find that unless they know someone is returning from Hilo or are willing to pay the express mail shipping charges, enjoying anything from Big Island Candies is a rare treat.

Visit for more information. The gift shop at their factory located at 585 Hinano Street in Hilo, Hawaii (conveniently near Hilo International Airport) is open daily 8:30am-5:30pm.


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