Wednesday, September 15, 2010

The Garden and West Front of Buckingham Palace

The West Front
The garden at 40 acres offers views of the west front, or 'private facade', of Buckingham Palace and is the setting for the Queen’s garden parties at which about 8,000 guests attend. The path from the palace takes visitors along the southern side of the garden and the lake. 

Although the visit to the palace was busy, the crowds were much less than I actually thought which probably has to do with the waning peak tourist season. The lines to purchase tickets moved quickly and entry to the palace was immediate. The Garden Café offered lots of empty chairs and tables to relax in the peaceful surroundings.

Point of advice: plan to see the changing of the guards or east front of the palace before entering the tour. The exit from the palace garden will take you quite a distance from both and it will be an effort to walk back. If you used the Green Park tube station to visit the palace, upon exit the Hyde Park Corner station is now the closest.

Another visit will be necessary for myself to enjoy Buckingham Palace's picture postcard east front later. Click here for that post.

Vases and urns along the balustrade date back to the 1830s.
Detailed views of the west front (above and below).

The open green along the west front.
Garden and lake (above and below) along path leading out from palace.


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