Friday, October 7, 2016

The Bodyguard Musical's Non-Singing Leading Man Musical Role: UK Tour, Netherlands, Germany & US Tour

Kevin Costner in the film "The Bodyguard" (photo credit: Warner Bros.)
This post just lists the other actors who have played Frank Farmer in 'The Bodyguard' musical outside of London. There are other future productions besides that are on the boards but the role originated by Kevin Costner has not been cast in those versions yet.

There is no short of press of the actresses playing the Whitney Houston role of Rachel Marron in all of these productions. At present for the US Tour actress/singer Deborah Cox is already making the talk shows and news and media featuring her easy to find.

UK & Ireland Tour: Stuart Reid as Frank Farmer (opened Feb 2015-closed Jun 2016):
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Stuart Reid (photo credit: BWH)
Stuart Reid as Frank Farmer (photo image: Paul Coltas)
Netherlands: Dave Mantel & Mark van Eeuwen shared the role of Frank Farmer (opened Sep 2015)
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Dave Mantel and Mark van Eeuwen (photo credit: Roy Beusker)
Dave Mantel as Frank Farmer (photo credit: Roy Beusker)
Germany: Jurgen Fischer portrays Frank Farmer (opened Nov 2015)

Jurgen Fischer (photo credit:
Jurgen Fischer as Frank Farmer (photo credit:

US Tour: Judson Mills as Frank Farmer (opens Nov 2016):
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Judson Mills (photo credit: Edward Negron. StormGod Photography)

'The Bodyguard' productions in Australia (2017) has not announced the actor cast for the role. The Toronto (2017) production has announced that the London revival cast with Ben Richards as Frank Farmer will transfer for the Canadian premiere run.


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