Tuesday, May 15, 2012

McCarran International Airport: Terminal 2

(photo: TheHopefulTraveler)
Hawaiian Airlines flights operate at Terminal 2 at McCarran International Airport. I still can't believe the terminal is still in use as it's vastly outdated in terms of comfort, restaurants and shopping not to mention decor compared to the airport's other terminals. It's main purpose is to serve as the International Terminal for other airlines such as Air Canada and AeroMexico.

But the final days of Terminal 2 are numbered. With the shining new Terminal 3 on the verge of opening, all airlines operating from Terminal 2 will be moved to gates at Terminals 1 or 3. Word is that the new Terminal 3 will open within the next month. But the move out of all airlines from Terminal 2 will extend beyond that date.

However one this terminal's faults is actually a on the flip-side a plus. It's an awfully small terminal especially for one that serves international flights. But because it's not as large as it's neighbor terminals,  the walk from gate to baggage claim to curb is not as long.

On that note, I did check in one bag and I wait with the other passengers at the baggage carousel in Terminal 2. I'm hoping the taxi ride and hotel check-in are smooth and quick. I just want to grab a midnight snack and get some sleep.


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