Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Las Vegas Taxi Drivers Take Passengers for a Ride

(photo: KevinDean/flickr)
The thing about Las Vegas taxi drivers is they have a reputation for taking advantage of unknowing visitors. I'm sure there are ones who may be honest. But in my experience the many will attempt to convince you to take a ride that jacks up the fare.

Case in point. During one visit I saw a show at the Rivera hotel and wanted to see a bit of downtown before returning to my hotel. To make things easier I ask to be dropped at the Fremont Hotel. What taxi driver in Las Vegas doesn't know where the Fremont Hotel is located? Could it be located near Fremont Street, the main avenue in Downtown Vegas? This driver even had the gall to call dispatch to ask for directions. Knowing what the driver is doing, I get out at the next traffic light and pay my fare and walk over to Circus Circus to catch another taxi. I knew he had to just keep driving up the strip but during those short minutes I was hearing him repeat the names of side streets. So no.

One of the most prevalent trips is long-hauling passengers from the airport to hotels. The freeway feels fast but it's not the shortest or cheapest route.

Learn about the using taxicabs in Las Vegas by visiting these resources and articles:

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When I get into a cab in Vegas now I just let the driver know to take the shortest and cheapest route.


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