Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Paris Las Vegas Hotel: The Un-updated Smoking Room

The outdated smoking room at the Paris Hotel Las Vegas.
(photos: TheHopefulTraveler)
Nothing could prepare me with what first greeted me upon entering room 415 at the Paris Hotel Las Vegas. It's a room designated as smoking as evidenced by the multiple cigarette ash burns on the carpet and the scent of cigarette smoke that permeates every corner. It was going to be challenge to avoid having any of my belongings from soaking up the smoky aroma. 

Of course I was assigned a room that had one of my pet peeves. Asking for a king bed and getting two doubles.

These are among the oldest rooms in the hotel as they have not yet been updated. Everything about this room feels old. The room overlooks the hotel's pool which is only a floor below but the view of the faux Eiffel Tower is spectacular.

I'll let these photos speak for themselves. I'm off to bed, then a shower in the morning before leaving the room to escape the smell in hopes of snagging of non-smoking room later this morning.

One of many cigarette burns in the carpet.
Above and below: The smokey odor even continued into
the bathroom.


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