Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Paris Las Vegas Hotel: Non-Smoking Rooms Sold Out

The ornate front desk area at the Paris Hotel Las Vegas.
(photos: TheHopefulTraveler)
One would think if an organization plans a conference at the Paris Hotel Las Vegas and the hotel designated a special rate for a limited number of rooms for conference attendees, a room would be waiting at check-in. Not such the case. Myself and other attendees arriving on late evening flights find that the non-smoking rooms we reserved are not available or in the hotel's words "sold out."

Those working reception advised we would be checked into smoking rooms for one night and we would be able to check into non-smoking rooms after 11 a.m. Complaining would do no use. I was tired anyway and knowing I wouldn't have to unpack, I'd probably just go to sleep.

This experience quickly diminished the awe of arriving at a white and gold front desk area with three rows of huge crystal chandeliers. For the record the conference organizers got a $129 per night rate (before taxes) for attendees.

As is customary with almost all casino hotels, the elevators are nowhere near check-in. A short walk along an aisle next to the bustling casino was necessary to reach the central bank of elevators.


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