Saturday, April 7, 2012

Abandoned Fake Disneyland in China

(photos: David Gray)
Several news outlets have published images by photographer David Gray of the abounded construction site of an amusement park called Wonderland in China. Despite the economic and construction boom in China, these photos are haunting and sign that some of the country's growth is poorly managed.

Gray discovered the late 1990s remains of the Wonderland amusement park last December. Starting in 1998 it was planned as the largest theme park in Asia by Reignwood Corp (a Thai-owned property developer), the site is now a ghost town surrounded by the reclaimed crop land of local farmers. Wonderland, located 20 miles outside of Beijing, was to be 120 acres.

Trouble begin in 2000 when the developer, local government and farmers could not agree on the value of the land. Attempts to restart the project in 2008 also failed. The developer eventually moved its concentration to a golf course and a chain of luxury hotels while Wonderland lay in waste.

Today those willing to access the abandoned site will find the skeletal remains of a palace, a castle and the steel beams of what was to be an indoor playground.

Click HERE to view David Gray's blog post on the Reuters news website.


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