Thursday, March 1, 2012

'Love Never Dies': Production Photos from the Australian Production Presented in Movie Theaters

Ben Lewis (Phantom) and Anna O'Byrne (Christine) star in 'Love Never Dies'
(all production photos: John Tsiavis)
This post includes additional production photos from the filmed presentation of the Australian (Melbourne and Sydney) production of Andrew Lloyd Webber's 'Love Never Dies' that was presented in movie theaters earlier this week that I was not able to include with the review of the show. The musical is a sequel to 'The Phantom of the Opera' which shifts the action to New York's Coney Island and reveals the lives of the beloved characters ten years later.

Click HERE for a review of the filmed presentation and more production photos.

Anna O'Byrne (Christine) and Simon Gleeson (Raoul)
Simon Gleeson (Raoul)
Maria Mercedes (Madame Giry)
Ben Lewis (Phantom)
Left to right: Dean Vince (Gangle), Jack Lyall (Gustave), Emma J.
Hawkins (Fleck) and Paul Tabone (Squelch).
Center: Sharon Millerchip (Meg Giry)
Anna O'Byrne (Christine)
Ben Lewis (Phantom)
Anna O'Byrne (Christine) and Ben Lewis (Phantom)
Center: Sharon Millerchip (Meg Giry) and the company of 'Love Never Dies.' 
Left to right: Paul Tabone (Squelch), Emma J. Hawkins (Fleck) and
Den Vince (Gangle).
Ben Lewis (Phantom)
Ben Lewis (Phantom) and Jack Lyall (Gustave)
Left to right: Emma J. Hawkins (Fleck), Dean Vince (Gangle) and
Paul Tabone (Squelch).
Ben Lewis (Phantom) and Anna O'Byrne (Christine)
Center: Sharon Millerchip (Meg Giry)
Anna O'Byne (Christine) and Ben Lewis (Phantom)
Anna O'Byrne (Christine) and Ben Lewis (Phantom)
Simon Gleeson (Raoul)
Paul Tabone (Squelch)
Dean Vince (Gangle)


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