Friday, June 1, 2012

Travel by Potato Chip: Unusual Flavors From Around the World

Lay's is planning to announce a contest worth one million dollars for a new potato chip flavor. Before anyone thinks they have an original idea, they may want to think about what already exists on supermarket shelves around the world. Consider these flavors (and there were much more I found) before you think you have the best new flavor idea.

I can only guess how these flavors would match with potato chips but the pickled onion, octopus and hot & sour fish soup sound nice. Not sure about the fruity flavors like lychee and blueberry but the Vegemite flavor I understand is an acquired taste.

(photo: Walkers)
Worcester Sauce (England)

(photo: Walkers)
Pickled Onion (England)

(photo: SublightMonster/flickr)
Lychee (China)

Kiwi (China)

Blueberry (China)

Kebab (France)

Margarita (USA)

Beer (USA)

(photo: k0ks3nw4i)
Mint Mischief (India)

(photo: Pepsico)
Hot & Sour Fish Soup (China)

(photo: Smith's)
Vegemite (Australia)

(photo: Kosco)
Octopus (Korea)

(photo: Amazon)

Seaweed (Various Asian countries)

(photo: CNW Group)
Onion Rings N'Ketchup (Canada)

(photo: Global Partners MBA)
Lemon Tea (China)

(photo: Real McCoy)
Hot Dog (Australia)

(photo: Carrefour Indonesia)
Rasa Salmon Teriyaki (Indonesia)


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