Thursday, October 20, 2011

Phildelphia, Here I Come!

Arrived in Phildelphia, Pennsylvania today for a three-night visit. Getting here should have been smooth and started well with the departure yesterday on an overnight flight from Honolulu (HNL) to Dallas-Ft Worth (DFW). It was at DFW this morning where boarding took unusually long due to the number carry-on bags brought on board and both passengers and flight attendants finding places for them to be stowed. After the American Airlines jet left the gate, the plane was left waiting on the tarmac for almost an hour.

Behold new rules regarding waiting on the tarmac took affect when it appeared we would not be able to take-off within the half hour. Rather than risking a financial penalty for the airline the pilot took the jet back to the gate and all the passengers and our belongings deplaned. After waiting for another half-hour the routine began again.

The whole ordeal delayed the flight by almost three hours. When arriving in Philadelphia (PHL) at 4pm rather than 1:30pm, passengers at the airport were crowding the gate who were obviously waiting for the plane for their flight out of PHL.

Thankfully everything went smoothly after this. My checked bag quickly appeared on the carousel. Even though I'm here for only three nights I just didn't want to make the effort to condense what I needed. Since it was going to be cold, the coat I packed was going to take a good deal of space in either bag. My checked bag was actually a carry-on roller and carry-on bag was a computer bag.

The taxi was a flat rate of $25 to downtown Philly and the driver quickly got me to my hotel. So here we go. The following set of posts will cover this visit to Philadelphia. As for picking up a primary travel guide, I depended on the Eyewitness Travel Guide for Philadelphia which I found would be handy will lots of pictures and handy map


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